Killing chicken

I’m not sure how many of you like to kill chicken.  I personally don’t like to kill chicken.  Maybe because I’m lazy person.  I admit, I am lazy.

As a Hmong girl from a traditional family where they still follow the traditional beliefs.  Every where when my parents do an ua neeg or hu plig, whatso ever that required killing chicken.  I always find ways to get out of it. 

So why don’t I like killing chicken?

  • It smells
  • Its hard labor
  • Its messy
  • Its bloody

Serious, killing chicken is not my thing.

No matter how important it is to our culture, I don’t like killing chicken.  I mean yes, I do know how to do it… except for killing the chicken other than that I know what I’m doing.  People can love to kill chicken all they want but don’t expect me to do it.  My mom always said that I should learn but it’s like so what, I don’t care about it.  After all I already made up my mind not to marry a Hmong guy.

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